Tuesday, August 14, 2012

All things minty...

For huffability, mint is tops in my book. When it's hot out and I really want to feel refreshed, I reach for mint. Some of my favorite soaps:

Clockwise from upper left:
Haunt - Black Mint Tea, spearmint and peppermint
Cellar Door - Rosemary Mint, spearmint
Haus of Gloi - Madcap Garden 2010, peppermint
My Planet Earth - Get Your Zombie-Like Ass Out Of Bed And Wake The Hell Up!, peppermint & rosemary

Not shown:
Bodygoodies - Low Tide, peppermint
Moonalisa - Snuggler, peppermint (smells like the little wrapped Andes mint chocolates)

On my "maybe I'll try" list:
Arcana - Filthy Viking, icelandic mint & juniper, and St. John's Apothecary soap in peppermint
Mirasol Farm - Double Mint, mystery mint blend
SV Soaps - Mint Madness, peppermint, spearmint and cornmint
Heirloom Soapworks - Mint Mosaic, same as SV Soaps
Villainess - Triple Mint, same as SV Soaps
Petal's Secret Garden - Mint Leaf Tea, spearmint and peppermint
Solstice Scents - Window Box, cornmint and herbs
New Day Soap Co - Peppermint
Cellar Door - Peppermint Mocha

Anything I should add?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

One more photo for my pron post!

If it wasn't for the wavy cutter used I would not have known this wasn't edible!

This is from Balsam soapmaker (and talented photographer), Nicole.  Here are more of her mouth-watering and heart-warming photos of food, pets, and children.