Saturday, February 23, 2013

More S.S. bath salts

Believe it or not, I've switched from taking showers to baths every day.  It started when some of the tiles above my bathtub were coming lose, and taking a bath prevented them from getting worse, and then I figured I'd stick with it because I use less water taking baths.

In a prior post I mentioned Solstice Scents bath salts, and for Valentine's Day I ordered my first jars of Blood Bathory.  The scent is a combination of essential oils of pink grapefruit, white grapefruit, palmarosa, geranium bourbon, peru balsam, roman chamomile, rosewood and jasmine with a few drops of jasmine fragrance oil.  The top notes are the grapefruit and a hint of geranium.  The grapefruit smells like a white grapefruit with the white pith around it, more tart than sweet like the ruby red variety (edit: I was reviewing a jar that was half-full so it had been exposed to air, silly me. When I opened a new jar, the sweeter pink grapefruit came through), and this is not a shy grapefruit.  I don't know what a few of the rest of the notes smell like individually but there is a depth to this blend like Crumbling Crypt so I'm sure they're adding something.  :)  The name of the salts comes from the color added to them which turns your water a deep shade of red; here's some tub photos from another blog.

Like Crumbling Crypt, these are heavily scented...Angela doesn't skimp.  The salts are offered seasonally which is why I have a bunch of jars.  I think next season's release will have the last EO scent blend I'm aware of that I haven't tried, called Wren, described as primarily tart, citrusy, herbaceous and slightly woodsy.

What do you like to add to your bath or shower routine as an extra treat?  Have you tried anything new lately?