Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Moonalisa Easter goodies

Last week I received an Easter basket with various goodies from Moonalisa.  I was excited to get this because the basket I ordered had a few citrus scents I had been wanting to try, the lemony Don't Get Your Knickers in a Twist and all grapefruit Grapefruit Haven, and I was finally one of the first to receive theirs because I didn't become indecisive making my order like in the past, which can be a difference of 2 or 3 weeks (although Moona has hired more staff and to her credit the turnaround time and product availability has noticeably improved).  It arrived Friday, and as I picked it apart I noticed scents I was not turned out there was a mix up, the basket was a different theme from the one I picked.  Still smelled nice and looked cute of course. 
The foil items are bath melts and solid sugar scrubs.
I sent Moona an email that night and when I was awoke in the middle of the night later, decided to leave a note on Facebook and instantly received a message back that she would send out another basket asap.  This was about 1:45 AM her time, and on Monday the replacement came.  So, all in all, it worked out and I got to try some scents I wouldn't have otherwise and it kinda felt like Christmas, so I can't complain.
There are a few things I will be giving away, if anyone is interested in them I'll send them either or both of the following, all I ask is funds for shipping, and I will wrap and send them with care in typical Moona fashion.  Actual photos to come, here is one from Moona's bigcartel site.

I have a soap cupcake with a raspberry on top instead of a bird's nest, in Raspberry Lemon Tisane.  It smells great inside the package, sweet and fruity with a very tart lemon edge.  When I took it out, however, it is almost too strong, but maybe it will mellow over time.  I wonder if this could be on purpose because of the size of her fans' collections, she knows things don't always get used right away, LOL!  Anyway, I cut a thin slice off to sample, and the scent throw was a few feet.  The rest of the cupcake in original packaging is available.
I also have a 4 oz. 4-in-1 gel, in Snozberry Fizzy Lifter, described as juicy red and purple berry blend with effervescence and a teeny touch of a secret floral , just a tad to give it enough freshness, but barely detectable.  This smelled really familiar to me but I couldn't make the connection for a month or two, but eventually realized it reminds me of Herbal Essences shampoo.  (The 4-in-1's are body washes that can also be used for laundry, as bubble bath, or shampoo.)
In addition I have 2 solid sugar scrubs in Lemon Sugar Cookie and Raspberry Lemon Tisane, and a travel-sized sample of Sleepy Hallow 4-in-1 from a prior sale, described as smoldering seasoned oakwood fires, warmed leather from fierce riding through the eastern woodside and the distinct aroma of roasted spiced pumpkin flesh and smoldering marshmallows.
If you're a Moonalisa follower, did you place an Easter order or what Moona products are you using right now that you hope to see again?