Sunday, February 1, 2015

Amanda Louise Spayd pipsqueak figurine

Since my last post I have turned into a full blown ALS fan.  I'm a bit concerned by how quickly I became infatuated.  Recently ALS had a sale of her most affordable figurines ($18) in two different colors so I figured what the heck since they have resale value.  After ordering I felt guilty that I was impulse buying but I'm glad I went for him.  

I have small hands so he is itty bitty.

This pipsqueak is made of urethane resin.  He is a little over two inches tall.  I think he's cute in his bug-eyed way.

For a better size reference here he is with Tommy.

And earlier with Gato.  (Deb's cats' doppelgängers.)

I've decided this is not going to be the beginning of an obsessive need to buy a lot of these; collecting for the sake of collecting is not my thing.  (Excluding soap!)  I would get maybe one more sometime as a desk buddy.

That said I have been collecting the latest quarters with the state and national parks that started coming out five years ago, and own a cardboard coin map to put them in.  Last year was the first year I got all five that were released since they really upped the mintage from prior years.  (Woot!)

Do you have anything you currently or used to collect?