Monday, December 8, 2014

The art of Amanda Louise Spayd

Last week I was curious what a former soapmaker was up to these days.  Amanda Louise Spayd had an Etsy shop called Squeaky Queen with melt & pour soaps with a dark vibe that brings to mind Sugar & Spite but with brighter, punchy colors.  On her Etsy page, she said she stopped making soap to focus on art but I wasn't aware of any specifics.  I just found out she has been creating adorably odd creatures for the past few years.  The dolls in her line are called Dust Bunnies.


A few years ago a filmmaker approached her about making a stop-motion film starring her creations.  The five minute film is below.

Wow.  Beautiful.

Amanda's website and blog is here.


  1. Wow. Those are creepy looking, yet I couldn't stop admiring the work that must have gone into them. So does she sell them, or just create for herself? Cool about the movie.


    1. Did you watch the movie? The ending made me weepy. Sigh. I seem to be more emotional lately though.

      She sells them. At one point she was using human teeth, lol. Ups the creepy factor a little but I like them.

  2. The pipsqueaks are kinda cute :) She is definitely talented at making these dolls! Their teeth creep me out though... too realistic looking lol

    The film was well done and sweet.