Friday, July 26, 2013

Haul - Bodygoodies

At least twice a year Bodygoodies has a free shipping sale, usually around the beginning of the summer and the holidays.  Since my last order was a year ago and there were many new things available, I decided to place an order even though my soap stash is still sizable.  I'm glad I went for it because it turned out to be my favorite order so far.  I ordered 4 soaps and a mystery bag.  Below is most of what I ordered.  Some of the soaps have had samples taken from them and are no longer full size (1, 2, and 4).

The first 4 I picked and the others were from the mystery bag or extras.
  1. caribou crossing - unscented with a ground loofa bottom layer.  
  2. clay bar - I'm not sure what this is scented with but it smells manly, my guess is black pepper or frankincense.  
  3. bar none - unscented, this is the only one I haven't used yet.
  4. lavender mint - I love the scent of this one and the swirls are pretty too.  I've used about a 1/3 already.
  5. metz road soap ball - Smells like a cinnamon pastry, this was the first one I used because it was rolled in brown granulated sugar and the sugar had melted into the paper around it.
  6. room 42 - rose geranium, patchouli and cocoa
  7. amyst - rosemary mint.  I really like this one also but it has been retired.
  8. samples of honey orange and beer soap
Between the mystery bag and the extras there were a lot of surprises.  In the bag were (5) and (7) above, a serum sample, a laundry stick, and a low tide sample.  (6) and (8) were extras everyone received with their order, and Heidi kindly included a tinted lip lotion I requested.

Below is the treatment serum sample and tinted lip lotion.  I'm not a regular serum user so I expect this will last a long time.  I've used it around my eyes a few times.  The lip lotion goes on nicely and the tin is pretty big for a lip product.  The tint is very light when applied.

Lip lotion and treatment serum

Tinted lip lotion in natural light

For anyone thinking about trying bodygoodies, the lather on these soaps is why I buy them, it's hard to describe the difference but it's worth splurging on if you want to try something new.  And if you already have a lot of soap, wait for the free shipping sales, which is usually $40 minimum.  Both times I've ordered during these sales I've received an extra free bar.


  1. I always take advantage of Heidi's free shipping :) Next time I'll be sure to order a bar of the lavender mint. I was surprised to hear that your metz smelled like cinnamon. I bought a couple bars of it last winter, when it was first released, and it smelled strongly of nutmeg and not cinnamon. Maybe it was changed a little. You've made me feel old .. looking at your lovely hands (with no big veins. lol)

    1. Hmm, maybe I have the metz road scent wrong! Cinnamon is something Heidi probably wouldn't use now that I think about it. I think it was the color, shape and melted sugar that reminded me of a cinnamon bun.