Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Moonalisa summer order

I lucked out again - I received another person's order by accident but was notified of the mistake before it arrived.  Like last time it doesn't bother me because there are so many scents I haven't tried.

  • Blueberry Hill - Delicious, warm blueberry syrup, butter and pancakes, slurp.... this one is a straight up fragrance that is so good on its own, I never had the heart to add a thing.
  • Bohemian Velvet - Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Nag Champa incense type of notes. Inspired from MoonaLisa's Haight Ashbury days as a Goth girl. It's like walking into one of those dark and exciting old pagan magic shops in the Haight, sadly which no longer exist  The lovely incense type aromas are sure to bring back old memories or build new ones.
  • Blue Milk bubbling bath brew sample - no official description, it is a blueberry candy-type scent.

I opened these to sniff only without touching the roller balls.  If anyone is interested in them, I was planning on putting these on a couple forums or eBay at a discount from Moona's shop.

I like both perfume scents, I'm not into the sweet scents as much as I used to be so I would prefer Blueberry Hill in a wash-off product.  I've seen a few people rave about Bohemian Velvet and it is a really good scent, it smells like incense, I would like this as a home fragrance oil or a wax product.  Sometimes I find burning incense too smoky, and this doesn't smell that way, more like incense before it is burned.

My order contained perfumes of some of the scents I got in my Easter basket - Don't Get Your Knickers in a Twist, Dr. Bombay, and Patchouli & Petitgrain.  I wanted to get Lavender Absolute but figured I could buy a bottle online somewhere else and make my own version with a carrier oil.

If you ordered what are you looking forward to receiving?


  1. That's hilarious that you got the wrong package - again!

    I am glad you reviewed Blueberry Hill and Bohemian Velvet. I wondered what both of those smelled like. I have yet to buy a Moonalisa perfume. Many of the scents I enjoy as wash-off products too.

    I am looking forward to trying the pineapple coconut scent. I forgot its real name.

    1. I just checked the invoice in the order and the person ordered two weeks after me, which seems pretty far apart to mix up. I was told my order would go out asap 4 days ago and I haven't gotten another CnS yet; I'm going to take a Moona break after this, between this and I think I've now tried all of the scents I've wanted to try the most.